Bibliographic Database
Vilém Flusser

orientation and tips
Current situation
Interface 1.02
In the field title the terms are indexed one by one, being adequated the search with the connector AND (*).
For titles with very usual terms like "picture", the search should include another data as author (text or image), year...
In the field author, as well as for the related to text and image authorships,
two indexation procedures were used: full name and, individually, first name / name.
That decision seeks to retrieve results, where some authors appear under variations of names
(for example, Pedro Vasquez and Pedro Karp Vasquez).

Notice: learn how to use the wildcard character " $".
For example, regarding the name: Wolfenson - if you are not sure about the spelling, type: wol$.
The results will show all the variations (wolfenson, wolphenson...).
The use of the wildcard character $ is also worth for numbers.
So, the term - 195$- would bring all the books released during the Fifties.
place of publishing
The place of publishing field is integrally indexed.
Remind that in the database current version, the search can be
associated with terms in the field title, for example.
The field publisher is indexed term-by-term.
Remind that the search can be associated
with terms regarding title or place of publishing, for example.
publishing date
The field date is integrally indexed.
Using the wildcard character $ is possible to recover
all the titles regarding a decade, for example, type: 195$.
The strategy adopted for subjects indexation in Bibliographic Base is very restricted.

Thematic index

Onomastic index
extra clues
To avoid an excess of undesired results, some more usual requests deserve additional tips:

(a) language - use the portuguese term PORTUGUES (for Portuguese), INGLES (for English), ALEMAO (for German)...

(b) search for books, magazines etc use the search expression (in portuguese):
SERIE LIVRO (for books), SERIE REVISTA (for magazines), SERIE ARTIGO (for articles), SERIE ANEXO (for others formats)

(c) if you are looking for essays on Flusser, use the expression FORTUNA CRITICA (for Historical review).