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Interface 1.02

updated in: Oct 17th, 2018
606 records

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  The current retrieval strategy in the Bibliographic Database is very wide in the attempt of being more successful, which on the other hand, for not allowing a guided search, it can generate some difficulties.

In this interface version (1.02) the results are listed by edition date and title, except when the data are incomplete.

The user needs to be familiarized with the employment of logical connectors (boolean ones) such as AND and OR, as well as with wildcard characters like *. In this case, with the characters * and + (respectively AND and OR), and with the wildcard character $).

Read carefully the help page. Some fields as photographer and text author allow the use of the wildcard character associated with the connector *. For example, looking for Pedro Karp Vasquez, type: Pedro$*Vasquez.

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